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Well hello there, fellow simmer! I'm a builder in The Sims 4! I like to build tiny homes, witchy cottages, and anything vintage and eclectic. Most of my builds are Speed Builds, but sometimes I do let's builds!

Today, I renovate one of the Zenview Apartments! I think its 701? It's a very open plan modern apartment perfect a sim working as a freelancer! I love this apartment! it's a literal dream. and its a loft!!!!

00:00 - Fly Through Intro
00:10 - Hello My Beautiful Lovegoods
11:58 - Screenshots


TwistedMexi's Mods:
His build mods are a MUST for my building process!

Origin ID: lukeydean
Twitter: @lucca_owens / @lukeylupinart
Instagram: @lukeylupin / @lukeylupinart

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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