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A great workout for everyone, regardless of your fitness levels, work as hard as you want to. Let yourself be a beginner, we all had to start there. Get the whole household involved, let’s get active together. Join in LIVE or do the workout at a convenient time for you.
You take part at your own risk; no liability will be taken by the online instructor. If you have any injuries, feel unwell or are pregnant then please consider speaking to your nurse or doctor first (however in the current situation with surgeries understaffed maybe take it very slowly and be extra careful). If you’ve recently had a baby then avoid high impact (jumping), planks and stomach crunches or sit ups.
You might want to do the adapted options. At any time please rest for longer and have some water and then join back in when you’re ready.
For most workouts you’ll need water, a mat and maybe something to hold; either a weighted bar, a kettle bell, a dumbbell/hand weights or you could improvise with something you can find around the house like water bottles or wine bottles.
Make sure you always warm up and cool down. Let’s do this!
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