Idaho Man Builds 30′ Custom Tiny Home With Huge Loft Bedroom | Lovely Tiny House

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Idaho Man Builds 30′ Custom Tiny Home With Huge Loft Bedroom

Their decision to go a different direction could be your gain! An Idaho man custom built this stunning 30′ tiny home with a stunning loft bedroom and a full-sized bathroom with a regular bathtub for your comfort. Add your preferred full-sized appliances to suit your tastes, and enjoy this luxurious customized tiny home that is ideal for your forever home.

This custom tiny home was built as a permanent residence, but due to a change in circumstances, the builder decided to sell rather than live in it himself. The result is you have a chance to own this luxurious custom built home on wheels!

The first thing I am drawn to in this home is the kitchen. While it is done in a very simple style with butcher block counters and basic cabinets, it has tons of space, and room for you to install full-sized appliances. There is easily space for a refrigerator, cooktop, and oven, as well as the potential for a dishwasher if you are inclined.

This is a wonderful source of heat in cooler months, and with easy placement, under the stairs to one of the loft bedrooms, it doesn’t take up any extra room in the home.

There is ample storage above the fireplace for books, decorations, or daily used items. You have cabinets to the sides and below each of the steps leading to the loft.

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