More Room In The PIGEON LOFT!

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We are making some changes to our small pigeon loft and taking out the breeding boxes so we can now start conditioning the young racing pigeon team we are starting to breed and soon will be flying and training!

Also we check in with our breeding pigeons!

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Thanks for watching an episode from Maney lofts! We are a small pigeon loft in the back yard of Australia. I hope you enjoyed the video feel free to comment below and like the video!
We have raced from this small loft last season with one race & we will be racing from this loft next season or we will be building a much bigger pigeon loft for racing on our property, we will be breeding many more pigeons so we have a much larger pigeon racing team for next season.
In these videos I explore and learn more about pigeon feeding, pigeon training, medications, health, building pigeons lofts, pigeon racing and also explore other types of pigeons such as high flyers & other fancy pigeons, we will get a fancy pigeon loft and kit box when we eventually move out to the property fulltime.
The most important thing is to enjoy your birds!
Some of the seeds I feed my pigeons are wheat, peas, corn, popcorn, safflower, sun flower, barley, kalo, milo, millet, peanuts.
My grit mix is considerably basic nothing to special just an off the shelf product.
I mix in garlic oil, hemp seed oil & also pink mineral powder to my seeds which I feed my pigeons for better health and natural immune boosting.’
My racing pigeon loft is 2.4m Long x 1.7M high x 1.2 m wide as it is only very small!
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