New Seoul Apartment Tour | $650 Modern Loft Apartment

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I'm taking you through my brand new super modern loft apartment in Seoul, South Korea. This beauty is only $650! All my furniture, decor, and diys are linked down below!

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FINALLY- AFTER 3 YEARS OF LIVING IN MY BEAUTIFUL LOFT APARTMENT IN SEOUL. SHE IS FINALLY READY. SHE IS READY!! I really hope you guys enjoyed this video bbs! Oh and just a little fyi a loft apartment in Korea is called: 복층!

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- blue flower blouse: thrifted
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- Zodiac (leo) earrings: Twice Shy

✿ All videos shown:
- room decor ep 1:
- room decor ep 2 (where I bought my plants, diy planters, how to hang it up) :
- room decor ep 3 (diy all the pillows on my couch, tassel on the plant basket, diy stool, shelves space) :
- my 210 sqft apartment tour:
- wall art decor ideas: (learn how to make poms poms, green wall art, fabric wall art, pom pom rug, polaroid wall, hat wall, yarn headboard):
- KPOP idol CD (i cried lol):
- Japan ufo catcher for One Piece items: b
- Apartment Hunting how to in Korea:

✿ My interior & furniture:
- fake plants: &
- bathroom slippers:
- bathroom diffuser:

Living Room:
- sofa: fabric look leather grey:
- sofa cover: cream ivory:
- cushions: coupang
- cushion covers:
- diy cushions on my couch:
- yarn:
- fabric wall art & green wall art:
- lamp: Medium
- side table:
- disco ball:
- plants: yangje flower market
- fake plants (in living room):
peach coral and orange:
- small earring holder: or
- coffee table: I bought it from a facebook selling group, but here a couple different ones:

- shelves (upstairs) white & wood:
- pillow covers: (pink & green)
- lamp: Medium
- bed sheets: Ivory
- clothing rack:
- ottoman:
- pom pom rug, yarn headboard, hat wall:

✖ night tempo - dance?
✖ Could you : Dyalla Swain

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