Thai oil relaxing massage of feet and ankles. Reflexology of the feet

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Thai oil relaxing massage of feet and ankles. Reflexology of the feet.

Foot massage has a number of health benefits.
Reduces blood pressure. Hypertension is a notorious chronic condition that affects both men and women. Foot massage sessions lower blood pressure.
Improves microcirculation. Regular massage sessions help our feet to be healthier by improving blood circulation to muscles and tissues that become more rigid with a sedentary lifestyle.
Relieves headaches. Headaches are a clear sign of stress. Foot massage helps to distract from stressful life and find a moment for complete relaxation. Massage can help calm the mind and body by targeting reflex points.
Fighting depression. Massaging an injured foot can relieve pain, reduce muscle soreness, and speed recovery. But when a simple massage is combined with a stretching technique, your feet will become more resilient to future injury. Strengthening the legs and their flexibility will save you from severe pain in the moments of future injuries.
Relieves flat feet pain. Flat feet do not have a significant impact on health, but in some people it can be painful simply due to light exercise. It may be due to inflammation, swelling, or deterioration of the plantar fascia (the flat strip of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes). If you experience pain after walking for a long time, do some regular leg exercises and combine them with a deep massage.

Contraindications for foot massage are almost the same as for general massage.
All massages must be performed by qualified professionals. The video is for informational and educational purposes and is an example of performing foot massage.

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